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Uniform November is a consultancy that aims to communicate, collaborate, and create responses to challenges within the humanitarian sector.  We use our expertise and experience to guide humanitarian actors as they endeavour to support communities suffering from the upheavals created by conflict and climate change.  


UNIFORM NOVEMBER is a professional practice and weblog based in Scotland. The practice is developed to offer, place and peacebuilding expertise.


We have 30 years of experience and have created a strategic approach to peacebuilding which frequently involves the adaptation and re-use of sites imbued with cultural/social significance. We offer a sophisticated and sensitive approach which acts as a catalyst for socioeconomic recovery, stability and resilience during the precarious aftermath of war and civil strife.


Our interdisciplinary approach encourages, social cohesion, builds trust, safeguards cultural heritage, and acknowledges the fluid nature of the 'everyday'. An approach that recognises the vital role that place, culture and memory play before, during and after conflict.

The practice has developed, a large client and partner network, our blog has a healthy and friendly readership, our research contributes to the knowledge base that helps inform professionals in the international peacebuilding and humanitarian sectors.


UNIFORM NOVEMBER has worked with the British Council, The Halo Trust, Universities and UN agencies such as the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM), UNMAS and UNHABITAT


We are always working to improve and happy to share knowledge and exchange ideas, we have a useful educational programme and bespoke training opportunities. We offer workshops, seminars and online guidance on subjects such as:

•Team Building

•Project Management

•Creative Solutions 

•Working with Communities

•The Re-use of Buildings

•The Power of Place in Business, Displacement and Peacebuilding

•The Potential of Crossdisciplinarity problem solving

•Understanding the Importance of the Everyday in humanity 

•The Fundamentals of Peacebuilding

•Displacement and HLP

•Stakeholder Trust Building


•Protection of Heritage and Culture 

•Approaches to Education (Learning Teaching and Assessment)

•Brief Development

•The Creative Process 

•Working with Memory

•Modes of Memorialization

The UNIFORM NOVEMBER blog is a knowledge transfer feed aimed at developing collaboration, dialogue and awareness...


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Dès que de nouveaux posts seront publiés, vous les verrez ici.
Aucun post publié dans cette langue actuellement
Dès que de nouveaux posts seront publiés, vous les verrez ici.

““whatever is true for space and time, this much is true for place: we are immersed in it and could not do without it. To be at all - to exist in any way – is to be somewhere, and to be somewhere is to be in some kind of place”.


"No one therefor  can conceive anything, but they must conceive it in some place”.

F.M.H..... MLitt Peace & Conflict, Msc Architectural Conservation BA (Hons) Int. Architecture; MCSD, PgC TLHE

F.M.H is a Post-conflict, consultant - Specializing in Social Cohesion, DDR, Memorialization, Architectural Conservation, Housing Land and Property (HLP) issues.

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Office: UK, Scotland
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Centres and Sites 

+ The Halo Trust 

+ Funambulist  

+ Forensic Architecture London 

Global Justice Academy, Edinburgh  

PIRO Oslo 

+ DPIR Uni of Oxford 

+ Conflict, Crime and Security Research (PaCCS)

+ CSTPV Uni  of St Andrews


+ Centre for Development and Emergency Practice Oxford Brooks

+ Space Group Heriot-Watt University

+ Post-war Reconstruction and Development Unit - York

+ Post Conflict Research Center 

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